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Castor Oil


As a popular and widely used carrier oil, Castor Oil, also known as Castor Carrier Oil, is well-known for its ability to protect the skin against harsh environmental factors. This makes it a fantastic carrier oil for diluting essential oils. Not to mention, it is also highly valued when it comes to haircare!


• When used on the skin, the many antioxidants within Castor Carrier Oil work to help reduce swelling and calm itchy and uncomfortable skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


• Other Castor Oil benefits come from its ability to create a protective barrier on the skin that works to provide a shield against harsh environmental conditions.


Castor Carrier Oil is one of the few carrier oils that can be used as an emulsifying agent. In cosmetics applications, it can also be used in creams & lotions, body butters, soaps and massage products.


When it comes to haircare, it is highly valued for its ability to help soften the scalp and treat dandruff.


AWO’s Castor Oil is pharmaceutical grade, Cold Pressed (Virgin), and no hexane is used during production process, making it Hexane Free.

Castor Oil

  • • Massage: Dilute a few drops of your favourite essential oil in Castor Carrier Oil to create a soothing and hydrating massage oil.

    • Directly on the Skin: Many Castor Oil benefits can be received by using it directly on the skin.

    • Diluting with Essential Oils: Castor Carrier Oil makes a great base for diluting essential oils. In saying this, it goes great in a lot of skincare formulations such as skin serums and moisturisers.

    •Hair Mask: You can also apply this carrier oil to the scalp to create a nourishing hair mask.

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