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Rosehip Oil Refined


Rosehip Oil, also known as Rosehip Carrier Oil, contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids, omega-3 & 6, vitamin A, and is produced from the Rosa Canina fruit and seed. For this reason, it is highly valued in the skincare industry, and is a preferred carrier oil for diluting essential oils.


• Rosehip Carrier Oil is well known for its healing & regenerating properties, and has been proven beneficial and extremely effective in the treatment of scars, inflamed skin conditions, dry skin, burns, stretch marks and wrinkles.


• It is further known to be an effective anti-inflammatory and may assist with reducing itchy, dry and irritated skin conditions.


• Rosehip Oil is also commonly used in cosmetic and personal care applications including creams, lotions, body butters, body wash, bath products, soaps, hair care products, skin care products, and massage oils.

Rosehip Oil (Refined)

  • • Massage: Dilute a few drops of your favourite essential oil in Rosehip Carrier Oil to create a soothing and hydrating massage oil.

    • Directly on the Skin: Many Rosehip Oil benefits can be received by using it directly on the skin.

    • Diluting with Essential Oils: Rosehip Carrier Oil makes a great base for diluting essential oils. In saying this, it goes great in a lot of skincare formulations such as skin serums and moisturisers.

    • Hair Mask: You can also apply this carrier oil to the scalp to create a nourishing hair mask.

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