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Rosemary French Essential Oil (Natural Blend)


For those looking to purchase Rosemary Essential Oil at a lower price, AWO’s Rosemary French Essential Oil (Natural Blend) is comprised of 100% pure Rosmarinus officinalis, along with other complimenting essential oil constituents of natural origin. In comparison to our other Rosemary Essential Oil’s, this variation carries an incredibly refreshing and herbaceous aroma with a somewhat minty, eucalyptus-like undertone. The Natural Blend is also rich in essential oil benefits that can be used for a wide variety of applications.


• The benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil French (Natural Blend) are known to help stimulate hair growth whilst preventing baldness, dandruff and greying.


• Newly released research has also shown that this oil is fantastic for memory and mental alertness.


• In addition, when diluted and applied topically, the benefits of Rosemary French Essential Oil (Natural Blend) have been seen to ease pain in sore joints and muscles.


Not to mention, Rosemary French Essential Oil (Natural Blend) blends well with a variety of different essential oils. For those wanting to create their own essential oil blend, combine your Rosemary Essential Oil with Basil essential oil, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Citronella, Frankincense, Lavandin, Peppermint or Pine Scotch essential oils.

*Flammable Liquid: Road transport only. Additional freight time and cost may apply. International shipping not available on this item.

Rosemary French Essential Oil (Natural Blend)

  • Diffusion

    • To experience the aromatic benefits of Rosemary French Essential Oil (Natural Blend), add a few drops to your Aromatherapy Diffuser, Car Diffuser or Diffuser Necklace.

    • The incredibly refreshing and invigorating aroma of Rosemary Oil makes it the perfect essential oil to have diffusing in any office or study space.


    Topical Use

    • For those wanting to use Rosemary Essential Oil topically, simply add a few drops to your preferred carrier oil at a 1 - 2% dilution and apply as a massage oil or skin serum.

    • For facial application, we recommend a 1% dilution.

    • To receive the hair related benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil, add a few drops to your existing shampoo and conditioner or create your own hair mask using a carrier oil.

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