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Rosewood Essential Oil


Due to its incredibly pleasant floral and fruity aroma that exerts hints of warm and woody undernotes, Rosewood Essential Oil has been highly valued in high end perfumery for years. Interestingly, Rosewood Oil is a highly sought-after oil due to the fact that 50kgs of Rosewood produces approximately 1kg of Rosewood Essential Oil!


In addition, the benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil, also known as Rosewood Oil, have been seen to assist in all aspects of life, from aromatherapy applications to skincare, haircare and household cleaning, as seen below:


• Due to its beautifully pleasant scent, Rosewood Essential Oil is commonly used in natural perfumes, as well as in diffusers and vaporisers.


• When it comes to skincare, various Rosewood Oil benefits are known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


• The antibacterial properties within this oil may also make it an effective remedy for acne-prone skin.


• Furthermore, Rosewood Oil contains powerful antioxidants that work to protect the skin against UV exposure and pollution.


• When used in haircare the benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil have been seen to contribute to hair health by alleviating dandruff and encouraging the growth of thick, healthy locks.


• When used around the home Rosewood Oil is believed to ward off insects and rodents.


• In addition, it can also be used in natural surface sprays, cleaning detergents, bathroom sprays and floor cleaners.


Due to its pleasant aroma, Rosewood Essential Oil blends well with a variety of different essential oils. To create an uplifting essential oil blend, combine Rosewood Oil with Grapefruit Essential Oil, Neroli, Bergamot, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang or Lemongrass Essential Oils.

Rosewood Essential Oil

  • Diffuse: Add a few drops to an aromatherapy diffuser or electric vaporiser and let the invigorating and refreshing aroma of Rosewood Essential Oil fill your environment.

    Topically: Dilute a few drops of Rosewood Oil into a carrier oil, massage oil, or moisturiser to soothe sore, tight and fatigued muscles.

    Skin Serum: Add a few drops to a carrier oil of choice, we recommend Jojoba Oil or Rosehip Oil as these carrier oils are known for their skin benefits. Once diluted gently apply to desired areas and let the oil absorb into the skin.

    Bath: Add a few drops to a warm bath to soothe sore and fatigued muscles.

    Foot Spa: To relieve sore feet add a few drops of Rosewood Essential Oil to a pool of warm water before soaking the feet.

    On The Go: Add 4 – 6 drops of Rosewood Oil to a 15ml roller bottle and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil to create an on-the-go calming roller blend.

    Cleansing Shower: Add a drop to each corner of the shower, the aroma will rise with the steam to create a soothing and restorative atmosphere.

    Fast Remedy: Add 1 – 2 drops of Rosewood Essential Oil to a tissue and inhale at a distance while ensuring that the oil does not come into direct contact with the skin.


    Dilution Guidelines

    Please note that the following guidelines are recommended for healthy adults:

    General Use: 2 – 4% dilution (4 – 8 drops per 10ml)

    Facial Application: 1 – 2% dilution (2 – 4 drops per 10ml)

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