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Turpentine Essential Oil


With its characteristically camphoraceous, intense, spicy dry and earthy essence, the warming aroma of AWO’s Turpentine Essential Oil will no doubt be familiar to you. Not to mention, the benefits of Turpentine Oil have been used down the centuries in several therapeutic applications.


• Turpentine Oil is commonly used in lotions and ointments as a way of relieving sore muscles, sprains and other aches and pains.


• When diffused and inhaled, it has also been seen to help alleviate symptoms of colds and flus.


• Not to mention, the benefits of Turpentine Essential Oil are known to ward of insects and because of this, it can be used to make powerful all-natural insect repellents.


Note: Pure Turpentine Essential Oil is extremely potent and must be used with extra caution.

In addition, Turpentine Essential Oil blends well with a number of essential oils. For those wanting to create their own essential oil blend, simply combine Turpentine Oil with Bergamot essential oil, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Juniperberry, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint or Tea Tree essential oils. 


*Flammable Liquid: Road transport only. Additional freight time and cost may apply. International shipping not available on this item. 

Turpentine Essential Oil

  • Diffusion

    • To experience the aromatic benefits of Turpentine Essential Oil, add a few drops to your Aromatherapy Diffuser, Car Diffuser or Diffuser Necklace.

    • The powerful insect repelling properties within Turpentine Oil makes it a fantastic oil to diffuse in any outdoor living space or entertainment area, especially during those warmer months. 


    Topical Use

    • For those wanting to use Turpentine Essential Oil topically, simply add a few drops to your preferred carrier oil at a 1 - 2% dilution and apply as a massage oil.

    • We do not recommend using Turpentine Oil on the face.

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