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Rejuvenate Your Body, Nurture Your Soul,

Enlighten Your Spirit for a Radiant Life!

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"We are a triune being, consisting of a spirit, a soul and a body. When we discover the wholeness within, the things seemingly impossible to us are possible by the power of the spirit within."

Customer Reviews

I came to my massages with Sonje at a time of deep grief, of heartbreak. I was house-sitting in the area for a month and half; I knew my body, soul and heart needed tenderness, care. Healing.

I listened, and heard to look on Facebook for a massage Practitioner in the area of my house-sit. And there she was; a Lomi Lomi Practitioner, whose Aloha spirit of soft and open heartedness I sensed immediately. I was blessed and supported.

I had four massages with Sonje during my time in Trinity Beach. The presence of deep space, and of love, present each time. During that first massage, as her hands touched skin and dove into tissue, I released; let the tears flow from the stored grief and trauma, some of which I’d held in; frozen. Too painful to manage alone. No words. Just flow, release. Kindness and love. Generosity and space. Toward the end of the first massage, as part of the treatment movements, I was cradled, as a great Mother Spirit, perhaps the spirit of Aloha and Hawaii itself. I felt deeply, deeply cared for. Seen and held.

After each massage, different things arose in the quietness and stillness, for days afterwards. Different emotions, thoughts and awarenesses that I’d suppressed, gently arose to be experienced, acknowledged, released to the flow. A healing process. A cleansing. Held in immense love, infinite kindness, great spaciousness. Grace.

I am deeply grateful to Sonje, for the opening of these experiences.

Narelle C-Q

If people would get in touch with their spirits, they would be able to heal, emotionally and physically."

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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About Me:


I'm Sonje F Rosie, currently residing in Cairns, Queensland.

My upbringing in Bordertown, South Australia, spanned 18 years, exposing me to health care well beyond conventional norms. My mother, Faye Rosie, who practiced as a Naturopath, Shaman, and Medical Intuitive, broadened my perspective on healing. She left a lasting impact with her creation of the Heart Healing Symbol Oracle Cards©, a versatile energetic healing tool I utilise both professionally and personally. Her influence led me naturally into this field. Although she passed away in 2017, her legacy continues to guide my path.

During my early adult years, I resided in Darwin where my eldest daughter was born. In 2004, I relocated to Cairns. My professional journey encompassed 12 years in Community Aged and Disability Care, a role I cherished for its service-oriented nature. However, I felt a calling to do more.

My fascination with Hawaiian Bodywork ignited six years ago when I encountered Dawn Charlton, my teacher and the current lineage holder of Traditional Old Style Hawaii Lomi Lomi massage. Under Dawn's guidance, I was fortunate to explore Hawaii, delving into the rich culture and history surrounding this ancient modality.

Over time, my training had expanded to include other modalities such as Holistic Pulsing, Pellowah, and more recently, The Emotion Code, The Body Code &  The Belief Code. These techniques, whether used independently or in tandem, converge to facilitate a heightened sense of balance and harmony in your life.

Embracing a holistic approach to healing, my ultimate goal is to support you on your self-healing voyage toward wholeness. Together, let's strive for a life of enhanced ease, harmony, and well-being.

About Me

Sonje F Rosie

Redlynch, Queensland

+61 (0)418 800 184

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Weekdays - 900-230

Weekends - 12-530

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