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The "Heart Healing Symbol Cards" are hypersigils; the definition of which is "an extended work of art with magical meaning and willpower, created with the intent to alter oneself."

"Heart Healing Symbol Cards" are more than oracle cards - they are multidimensional energies for healing and transformation. They provide you with a quick and sometimes instantaneous way to shift your energetic vibrations to higher levels.

You can Simply, Quickly and Easily target issues, release the blocks at the source of disharmony in ALL areas of your life: Wellness, Relationships, Fitness, Prosperity, Rejuvenation with the Heart Healing Symbol Cards.

Heart Healing Symbol Cards


  • * TRANSFORM anything "negative" to the "Creator's Norm" or harmony/balance
    • Tissues, bones and organ regeneration
    • Increases harmony to you thinking by aligning mental, emotional and physical health
    • Transforms dark and dense energies, extracts negative entities, erases imprints,
    • Resets the assemblage point as used by shamans for centuries
    • Corrects chronic reversed polarity
    • Alleviates fatigue by refreshing and rejuvenating you
    • Transforms organs and body parts to the original template of normal health
    • Clears and harmonises genetic patterns and memories
    • Soul retrieval
    • Harmonising body frequencies and vibrations
    • Brain rhythms and clarity
    • Thought forms
    • Remove karma, curses
    • Releasing cords
    • Freeing trapped emotions
    • Prevents radiation absorption, e.g. air flight and jet lag, phones and computers

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