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Holistic Pulsing is light bodywork, developed by Israeli-born Osteopath and Naturopath Tovi Browning. During a session, the practitioner uses gentle, rhythmic movements to help release tension and promote relaxation in the body. This is significant in providing a nurturing and safe, womb-like environment, in which the nervous system can relax into the ongoing soothing movement. Blockages are naturally detected by both giver and receiver, and are addressed without trauma. This is done by working with the recipient's energy field and accessing the body's natural rhythm and flow to bring about balance and harmony.

It is to be a safe and gentle form of therapy, and is believed to offer a number of benefits for physical and emotional well-being. It is said to help relieve pain and muscle tension, boost the immune system, enhance circulation, and improve overall physical and emotional health.

Holistic Pulsing is typically performed with the recipient lying down, fully clothed. The session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, and the practitioner may use a light touch or use their hands and body weight to apply pressure.


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