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Holistic Pulsing is a versatile approach aimed at rejuvenating and healing relationships, improving physical and mental well-being, nurturing personal growth, and unlocking our inherent potential. Notably, it provides a deeply enjoyable experience, embracing genuine healing through pleasure and joy, effectively revitalising individuals. As a truly holistic method, it accommodates the needs of everyone.

Recognised as a safe and gentle therapy, Holistic Pulsing is believed to offer a range of benefits for individuals of all ages, from children to the elderly. It is thought to alleviate pain and muscle tension, strengthen the immune system, enhance circulation, and contribute to both physical well-being and emotional transformation.

Typically performed with the recipient lying down and fully clothed, a Holistic Pulsing session lasts about 60 minutes. The practitioner may use a light touch or incorporate hands and body weight to apply pressure.


The Art of Rhythm and Movement

Holistic Pulsing (HP) is centred around the fundamental principle of rhythm, both in technique and approach. Throughout the session, a rhythmic application is employed on the body, reflecting the belief that life is accompanied by movement, and cessation of movement leads to stagnation and decline. Our existence encompasses both vitality and inertia – movement and stagnation, with blockages manifesting in areas of stagnation. The consistent application of movement during a session serves as an ongoing affirmation and bestowal of life.

Life and movement are inherently intertwined. Every living entity possesses the innate capability to pulsate, to contract and expand. The rocking technique employed in HP sessions serves as a reminder of this intrinsic ability. While rocking, we introduce stretching, lengthening, and expansion to the body, reinstating its natural state of health – openness and the full realisation of its potential. In reality, our ailments, diseases, fears, and anger have compelled us to contract and shrink. Conversely, moments of joy and love prompt us to unfold, open, and expand, evoking a sense of increased magnitude. Where there is life, there is movement. Where there is movement, there is health. Consequently, wherever immobility and stagnation prevail, ill health and disease are likely to follow.

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