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Heart Healing Symbol Cards

Examples of Heart Healing Symbol Cards
Use and Feedback

Quick Reference Chart



Spiritual housecleaning through removing relationship energetic cords that are detrimental.

We also want to be in one accord with all our parts functioning in a mutually integrated way. Accord strengthens weak connections within us, e.g. spirit to mind, brain to body, left side of the body to the right side.

Adhesions are like cobwebbing between two parts, e.g. organ to another organ. Adhesions cause dysfunction of the organ. If in the abdomen, the adhesions can contributes to constrictive sensations and sharp pains. Breathing hasn't been good since a lung infection? Possible cause is adhesions in the chest cavity.

"Problem" daughter pregnant.
"J felt like someone had seen into her heart after handing her the Accord card. She understood that it spoke to her on many levels. We almost did not have to do any work at all, everything made sense to her and lightened her spirit. She went home feeling that she would untie the many cords to free herself from self imposed responsibility and give her daughter the opportunity to make decisions for her new baby and her life in general."
EB, Massage Practitioner, Virginia, USA



Re-aligning the assemblage point; restoring and harmonising flow of the 'energy umbilical cord'; repairing the 'energy grid.'

Increased Energy"I showed the Awakening card to a friend. She didn't feel much when she activated the card but a couple of hours later she said that she was feeling really good and that normally at that time of day she had to lay down due to her medical conditions, but at that time she felt wide awake and really alert."

Neck and Shoulders Stiff and Rigid
"K's" neck was stiff and her shoulders rigid. I thought about seeing if her assemblage point was in need of adjusting. Yes, this is so great because I got good feedback from her.She could actually feel what was going on and afterwards was moving her neck without any pain."

EB, Massage Therapist, Virginia, USA



Positively altering the atmosphere to create harmony and teamwork in your home, workplace or school.Ambience harmonises the 'feng shui', e.g. excessive metal metal creates poor focus; excess wood element creates procrastination.You can experience an instant calm or peace when these areas are harmonised.

Positively altering dynamics of boardroom meeting"I imagined the energy of the Ambience card under the board room table. All of a sudden there was an opening and an understanding of what was really going on. It was like the veils of illusion or covering of the truth were removed and everyone was able to see things how they were. Your cards are incredible tools that I am realizing can be used in all avenues of life experiences." AS, Cairns, Aust



Holds the vibration of an ancient salve for healing wounds, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.Balances and co-ordinates the human energy field when there has been shocks, traumas and all types of injuries - recent or old.

A Child's Knowing on how to use the Card"I used the Balm card on my son (5) who scraped the back of his leg badly today. I was holding the card and pointing it towards him and he grabbed it and said: 'no mummy, put it here on my heart and the energy is flowing like this'... he made these motions with his hand from his heart down both his legs. Intuitive little healer hey?"

Sores - Healing and No Pain"My pregnant sister had been suffering from these infected sores on her bum, she was in agony and not able to sleep, so a bit of a mess. I gave her the mini Balm card.That night the biggest sore erupted and all this stuff ooozed out (sorry disgusting I know) and then when she woke in the morning the two other ones were all dried up and almost healed with no pain, and the big one was barely hurting at all. woo hooooo! She seemed so much more energetic and positive."

KB, Queensland. Aust.



The Brain card harmonises the nervous system rhythms and flow; brain rhythms: beta, alpha, theta, delta and gamma, for improved focus, increased mental clarity, memory retrieval and enhancing all learning skills and abilities. The mind/body connection is improved. Nerve transmitters are balanced.

Teenager - Hating self, Angry, and wanting to Self Harm"My daughter said she hated herself and tried to hurt herself. I gave her the Brain and Balm cards. I couldn't believe how much she had changed and was sooooo much calmer, relaxed and not so uptight and angry. She said it helped and wanted to keep using the cards.. I have my daughter back" RC, Queensland, Aust.

Dyslexia"A friend with dyslexia selected the BRAIN card. The next day she was talking and suddenly apologised saying "I am sorry, I am dyslexia" although what she was saying was perfectly lucid. She paused and said "I am not dyslexic now am I?" This woman now exudes pure clarity and zero confusion! Such magic!" MS, Palma De Mallorca, Spain



CREATION is for organ and body parts regeneration, and empowers you to create and un-create your reality. CREATION also supports you in creating music, writing and art.

Regeneration Damaged Nerves
"The right leg that 'J' has not been able to feel because of the nerve damage done in her previous operation - well she now has feeling in that leg. Faye - remember you went in and replaced the black/damaged nerves!!!!! Thank you so much. 'J' looked a different person from the one when I first walked in to her room prior to your healing session." BH, Adelaide, South Australia.

Painful Knee - cruciate ligament damage - REGENERATED
"D's painful knee felt unstable and he had difficulty going down stairs. While holding the CREATION card for 15-30 seconds to regenerate the knee, "D" felt a 'knitting' sensation inside the knee. He then walked down the stairs with greater stability and confidence. Pain was lessening. The next morning no pain at all." Cairns, Qld, Aust


Grief Release

Whatever is causing you grief (causing you trouble, annoyance, irritation, hurt, pain). If the emotions have been suppressed into the body, it causes the cells to move in ways that create dis-ease. Grief Release is for releasing the trapped emotions so that harmony and restoration can begin.

Elbow Pain gone after Releasing Trapped Emotion
"'A' was suffering from a painful elbow condition - "Tennis Elbow". Her ignored or suppressed emotion had becomed literally locked in her elbow. Within seconds of releasing the emotion, 'A' was able to move her arm freely - without pain."



Our spiritual bodies become tarnished as we walk amongst lower vibrations. This happens, no matter where we are - at work, in shopping centres, or driving our vehicle. As we become more sensitive to the vibrations in the collective consciousness it is important to practice energy 'cleansing' and transformation. Clearing and transforming is spiritual alchemy at its highest.

Jewellery making you sick?
A person's energy, even after passing on, can still be stored in their jewellery. Others, who wear the jewellery without "cleansing" them, can be affected with the energy of the illness from the previous owner.
After cleansing M's jewellery with the Illumination Card, her face brightened. She could feel healing power in the jewellery. Her serious 'disease' symptoms all left within a couple days.

Changing Water "into Wine"
I have the ILLUMINATION card under the water container in the clinic. A client said the water tasted "round"-a term used to describe an excellent texture of good wine.



All imbalances begin in the electromagnetic field of the body. When stress overloads our system, our being feels abused or violated and, in order to cope, our 'circuit breaker trips', causing the electrical polarity to reverse which, left uncorrected, can lead to chronic reversed polarity.

Immense Stress Levels
L felt stressed out and did not have enough internal power to tackle important stuff like saying 'no' to people trying to impose on her. She pulled the Polarity card and started resonating with the power and energy loss she was living with. It dawned on her that her stress level was immense. She started to think of several avenues to gently turn to others for help and support without feeling guilty about it."

Symptoms of Reversed Polarity
Symptoms can be depression and exhaustion that is not linked to a physical imbalance, poor memory, anxiety, fear, vertigo, hopelessness, dizziness, immune disturbances, lethargy, poor co-ordination, mentally and physically, headaches and dissociation.



The Restoration card restores our spiritual peace and joy by extracting negative intrusions, clearing psychic interference and removing negative spirits or entities. Symptoms of negative intrusions or psychic interference can be: poor focus.depression, anger, anxiety, fatigue headaches, feeling out-of-sorts, sleep disturbance aches and pains.

Inner Strength
"To know I only have to ask for them to show themselves, to understand why I invited them in and to ask them to leave, that I have power over this, gave me an inner strength."
LG, Cairns, QLD Australia.

Heaviness under Ribcage Released
"I had always felt a heaviness under my rib cage where the negative intrusion was, and I needed a lot of effort to uplift myself. After the removal of the 'intrusion', I was in a good space." IR, Cairns, Aust.



This Card is for replenishing when we need a 'vehicle service,' refuelling, refreshments and a spiritual shower.
Revitalisation is the Youth Rejuvenator and provides the nutrients and remedies direct from the 'Divine Pharmacy'.

Grumpy Ol' Man now Happy
'J' is much calmer and happier. He is also now laughing! Yes, laughing, something 'J' did not do with heart or passion. Previously he never found anything to be funny. It's so exciting. In the last two weeks, I have not had one incident with him. He used to get angry and arrogant at least four times a day. I am just blown away by the changes. It's been pretty dramatic. He is saying lovely things that he's never said before."
DS, Robinvale, Vic, Aust.

Rejuvenating Complexion
"I was feeling extremely drawn and dried out (Mongolian air is so dry) and my daughter was always encouraging me to eat more to plump myself up, but no increase in eating helped. I was thrilled to know my cream had been energized by the Revitalisation card. I felt a distinct difference in my skin. It felt so plumped up and rounded and soft. With this instant result I enthusiastically continued the daily treatment. I had excellent results. I just felt enlivened." CM Mongolia

AUD 45.90. "Heart Healing Symbol Cards"
30 CARD DECK (85mm X 120mm) with guidebook PLUS 4 bonus wallet/purse size cards.

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