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AWO’s ‘Australian Native Oil Aromas’ is a collection of 100% Pure Australian Essential Oils. Proudly sourced and extracted from botanical species native to Australia, these essential oils are incredibly close to our hearts as they come from our trees and bushes that grow and thrive in the wonderful Australian climate. In addition, each essential oil contains many therapeutic and aromatic properties that have been seen to assist in many aspects of life.


But that's not all! Our Australian Essential Oil Packs come elegantly packaged in an eco-friendly gift box, making it an ideal gift for those seeking to enhance their surroundings naturally.

Australian Native Oil Aromas

  • • Tea Tree Essential Oil (15ml): With an incredibly fresh, earthy and camphoraceous aroma, the benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil are closely associated with medicinal, cosmetic and cleaning practices.

    • Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil (15ml): Eucalyptus Radiata Oil is best known for its powerful decongesting, antiseptic and antibacterial abilities, making it one of the best essential oils known for colds, flus and household cleaning.

    • Kunzea Essential Oil (15ml): Kunzea Oil has an earthy yet slightly spicy, medicinal aroma and is commonly used to helpease stress and nervous tension, as well as its pain relieving and soothing abilities.

    • Bush Balm Essential Oil (15ml): Carrying a bright, minty and eucalyptus-like aroma, AWO’s Bush Balm Mint Oil is highly valued for its versatile benefits that are known to assist with colds, headaches and cleaning, as well as stress, mental fatigue and exhaustion.

    • Nerolina Essential Oil (15ml): In aromatherapy, Nerolina Essential Oil is best known for its ability to help balance emotions, improve sleep, ease muscle and joint pain, combat skin complaints and improve hair health.

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