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Sacha Inchi Oil


Native to the Peruvian Amazon region and other certain parts of South America, Sacha Inchi Oil is obtained from the seeds/nuts of the Plukenetia volubilis plant, a perennial plant that produces a star-shaped fruit. Each fruit typically has 4-7 ‘points’ which contain the nut-like seeds that the oil is extracted from. Although Sacha Inchi has found new popularity in recent years, it has been valued for over 3000 years throughout the Amazon region for its incredible benefits.


Sacha Inchi is most notably appreciated due to being one of the richest plant-based sources of omega-3, as well as also containing high levels of omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A & E. These qualities are what make this oil so popular in the health, skincare and haircare industries.


When used on the skin, Sacha Inchi Oil is an ultra-light oil that is easily absorbed into the skin, is non comedogenic (so wont clog pores), and is suitable for all skin types, particularly aging, sensitive and acne-prone skin. And in haircare, it is believed to encourage hair growth and help prevent split ends.


• Sacha Inchi Oils strong antioxidant properties make it fantastic for helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and other signs of premature aging by protecting from free-radical damage and environmental stressors.


• Due to its high Omega-3 content, Sacha Inchi oil benefits for skin may also include regulating oil production, maintaining skin elasticity, protecting against sun damage, providing hydration and softness, and restoring the skins natural barrier.


• Sacha Inchi Oil has also seen positive results when helping to reduce scarring, eczema, psoriasis, and acne.


• In addition to encouraging hair growth and helping to prevent split ends, when applied to the scalp and hair it can help to soothe and calm inflammation, regulate oil production, and enhance the natural gloss, smoothness, and softness of your hair by nourishing the roots.


• Its anti-inflammatory properties can help to ease sore muscles, joint pain and arthritis discomfort, plus having a fantastic spreadable nature makes Sacha Inchi Oil perfect for massage. These same properties can also help to reduce redness and irritation on the skin.


• The Vitamin E levels in Sacha Inchi Oil can help to reduce and protect against UV damage to the skin.

Sacha Inchi Oil

  • How to use Sacha Inchi Oil

    If you're wondering, how do you use Sacha Inchi Oil, there are endless possibilities! Below we've listed a few of our favourites:

    • Directly on the Skin: Many benefits of Sacha Inchi Oil can be received by using it directly on the skin - such as a healing facial serum or an all-over body moisturizer. You can use it on its own, or combined with other Carrier Oils and safe levels of Essential Oils.

    • Massage: Use straight, or dilute a few drops of your favourite Essential Oil into 100ml of Sacha Inchi Oil to create a soothing and anti-inflammatory massage oil.

    • Hair Mask: Apply Sacha Inchi Oil directly to your scalp, hair roots, and ends of your hair, to create a nourishing, repairing, and growth-boosting hair mask. Leave for as long as desired and then shampoo well.

    • Skincare Formulations: A powerhouse oil for skin, Sacha Inchi Oil makes for the perfect addition to your D.I.Y formulations such as face & skin serums, body butters, lotions and moisturizers, where a carrier oil is called for.

    • Diluting With Essential Oils: A great base for diluting essential oils - Try adding 4-6 drops of your favourite Essential Oil to a 15ml roller bottle and top with Sacha Inchi Oil.

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