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Sunflower Oil Refined - Certified Organic*


Sunflower Oil is obtained from the ripe fruit of the Sunflower plant and contains a vast amount of minerals, essential fatty acids (linoleic and oleic) and Vitamins A, B, D, E & K. It is readily absorbed into the skin and is an excellent moisturiser and emollient, as well as possessing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerating properties.


When used topically, sunflower oil can act as a protective layer on the skin, helping to shield from environmental damage and reduce moisture loss, and can even help to heal or prevent skin infections. For best results, apply the oil to damp skin (fresh out the shower) and allow the oil and water to sink deep into the skin. The light texture of Sunflower Oil also makes it great for using under the eyes at night.


Sunflower Oil is commonly used by manufacturers, massage therapists and aromatherapists. As a general-purpose oil, it suits many cosmetic applications such as hair care products, soaps, massage oils, nail products, scrubs, creams, lotions, body butters, etc. It is also often used in artists products such as varnishes, oil paints and artists colours.

AWO’s Organic Sunflower Oil has been refined, making it excellent for use in cosmetic formulations.


Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus Liné

Obtained From: Ripe Fruit

Method of Extraction: Refined

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Appearance: Almost Clear, Thin Oily Liquid


* This product is Certified Organic by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) - Certification #12456

Sunflower Oil Refined - Certified Organic

  • 100% Pure & Natural

    Our products are ethically sourced from the highest quality ingredients.


    No GMO's Or Synthetics

    This product is free from genetically modified organisms and synthetic enhancers.


    Not Tested On Animals

    We are proud to ensure that our products are not tested on animals.


    Vegan Friendly

    This product is plant based and vegan friendly.


    Recyclable Packaging

    We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

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