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Working energetically with your subconscious mind to find and restore imbalances within the physical and energy body to allow you to live a life of greater ease, harmony and joyfulness.



The Body Code is a form of energy work that is designed to identify and correct energetic imbalances that could cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for all sentient beings. The body has a unique, intrinsic ability to recover and mend from all types of stress, trauma, and illness. The ability to heal oneself is contingent on the correct circumstances. 


Your body will not be able to mend itself as well as it should if it is out of balance. Imbalances allow for the accumulation of issues over time. The Body Code is a cutting-edge energy healing technique for the whole body, mind, and spirit.


So, what is the Body Code and why is it different from the Emotion Code? The Emotion Code focuses on Trapped Emotions. The Body Code goes much further and covers six different areas of imbalance.

Those areas are as follows:



In the Energies category, we deal with emotions, traumas, mental issues, addictive energies and intolerances. Sometimes we also deal with offensive energies like Sabotage from past experiences. Find out what happened and when by asking the right questions.


Circuits & Systems

The beauty of the Body Code is the ability to locate imbalances within Organs, Glands and Systems. Some of these systems like Acupuncture Meridians can malfunction as well as Chakras. This is the section that helps us find and release what is causing Disconnections and blocks.



We are surrounded by unseen Toxins. They come in many forms from many sources. Like radio waves, many radiate through the air. Others come from contact and even others can be absorbed or inherited from people or situations around us. All affect us and cause imbalance.



Like Toxins, Pathogens can be contracted from unseen sources. Microscopic bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Mould and Fungal spores can hide within us. The Body Code helps find the problems and since everything is energy, we can release them and bring back healing. The body knows what needs to be done. Misalignments

Energy may seem invisible to the naked eye, but it does take space. When we have Emotions or Toxins within us, they can displace Organs and Glands enough to cause problems. By locating and releasing these Misalignment energies, the body can return to balance, and you will benefit.


Nutrition & Lifestyle

This section covers a wide area of influence. Deficiencies in Sleep, Colour, Foods, Herbs or Nutrients can cause major problems for the body. Your Magnetic Field can be affected and cause malfunctions or imbalances. Even something as simple as Dehydration can cause the body to react in adverse ways.

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The Body Code is so effective because it allows us to find specific problems and simply remove them. The Body Code is a tool to be used to tap into our subconscious mind to determine what imbalances need to be corrected.


Like a computer the subconscious mind will record every belief, thought, word or action that has been recorded throughout our lifetime by our input devices.  What we see, hear, taste, speak and feel from the moment of conception until now is recorded on this “hard-drive” within our mind.  Our subconscious mind programs itself based on the environment in which we receive the input.  This is why it is imperative to understand that our culture, religion, family history, social environment and community are so important in understanding who and what we have become. Once the old programs are released, we can input and reprogram our true “heart desires”.


Using muscle testing or pendulum dowsing we can talk with the subconscious in a way that will elicit a “yes” or “no” response.  Using the Body Code charts, we can then tap into the “programming” of the body to determine if there is an imbalance which can be corrected to change our current life experience to one, we want and need.




The short answer is everyone; humans and animals alike.


Every stressful experience, every bad emotion, and every painful injury is stored in some region of the body, right down to the molecular level. These energies are stuck in the muscles, organs, connective tissue, and joints.


Body Code sessions can assist in the release of stored and recorded trauma patterns caused by an accident, employment, injury, or past relationships.

The Body Code is about removing imbalances to try to make conditions right for the body to restore its own health to God the Creator's blueprint.

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