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Pellowah is extremely high vibrational and takes place in your auric field; the healing experience is no touch with hands moving above and around the body.


⦿ Unblocks and realigns meridians
⦿ Increases your capacity for positive change through a consciousness shift. This can open you up to new beliefs about yourself and your life, leading to a greater awareness of, and willingness to, embrace new opportunities, experiences and possibilities that you previously could not ‘see’.
⦿ Reconnects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation through your personal spiritual practice.
⦿ Improves your connection to higher self/intuition enabling clearer guidance to come through
⦿ Supports your emotional well-being
⦿ Can spark a joyful lightness of being
⦿ Supports your awakening and personal growth

Great for if you are:

⦿ Feeling stuck
⦿ Living on autopilot and feeling there could be something more to this thing called life
⦿ At a crossroads unsure of next steps
⦿ Ready to increase your feelings of well-being
⦿ Wanting to step into greater connection with your divine self
⦿ Wanting to help raise the consciousness of the planet by raising your own consciousness
⦿ Ready to start living your highest potential and could do with some support in the energetic department.


The shifts you experience will meet you where you are; whether radical or subtle they will be perfect for you, so come and try the beautiful healing flow that is Pellowah.
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