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AWO’s Immune Support contains three 100% pure essential oils that are known to support, protect and boost the immune system, whilst reducing typical cold and flu-like symptoms. When diffused individually or as an essential oil blend, these three oils have been seen to reduce the spread of harmful airborne bacteria, whilst calming the mind and body.


Packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box, this collection of essential oils have been carefully selected for their antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. It is therefore the perfect essential oil pack to have on hand for when you’re feeling under the weather.


*This Pack Contains Flammable Liquids: Road transport only. Additional freight time and cost may apply. International shipping not available on this item.


Essential Oil Pack - IMMUNE SUPPORT

  • Lemon Essential Oil (15ml): When diffused and inhaled, Lemon Essential Oil works to purify the air and detoxify the body, whilst energising the mind. The Vitamin C content within Lemon Essential Oil also makes it one of the most frequently used essential oils for colds and flus.  

    Rosemary Essential Oil (15ml): Because of the high 1,8 Cineole content, Rosemary Oil (Moroccan) is known to be incredibly effective in killing bacteria and viruses. The benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil have also been seen to open the lungs and nasal passages by breaking down mucus.

    Clove Bud Essential Oil (15ml): The antimicrobial and antiseptic activity within Clove Bud Essential Oil, along with its dominating constituent ‘eugenol’, makes it fantastic for killing harmful bacteria and fungi. In addition, the benefits of Clove Bud Oil have also been seen to relieve respiratory related conditions such as coughs, influenza and pneumonia.

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