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Fennel Sweet Essential Oil


Carrying an earthy and sweet aroma that resembles the smell of liquorice, Fennel Sweet Essential Oil, also known as Fennel Essential Oil, is rich in various essential oil benefits that are known to enhance daily routines and stimulate the mind.


• When diffused or diluted and applied topically, the benefits of Fennel Essential Oil are known to stimulate the digestive, excretory and nervous systems, as well as the exocrine and endocrine glands.


• Other Fennel Essential Oil benefits are known to ease tiredness, exhaustion, and dizziness.


• When applied to small cuts and wounds, Fennel Oil can act as a natural antiseptic to protect against infection.


• From a cosmetic perspective, Fennel Essential Oil is a popular ingredient in perfumes, massage oils, soaps, and toothpastes.


• You can also add Fennel Essential Oil to various skincare products to boost their existing benefits.


For those wanting to create their very own essential oil blend, Fennel Essential Oil blends well with a variety of essential oils. To create an uplifting and encouraging blend, combine Fennel Oil with Citronella essential oil, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Orange essential oils. Likewise, if you are wanting a calming and balancing blend, Fennel Essential Oil blends well with Geranium essential oil, Lavender or Sandalwood essential oils. You can also read our Fennel Essential Oil reviews below to see how other people are enjoying Fennel Essential Oil.


*Dangerous Goods: Road transport only. Additional freight time and cost may apply. International shipping not available on this item.

Fennel Sweet Essential Oil

  • Diffusion: 

    • For those wanting to experience the aromatic benefits of Fennel Essential Oil, add a few drops to your Aromatherapy Diffuser, Car Diffuser, or Diffuser Necklace.

    • Because of its ability to ease tiredness, exhaustion and energise the mind, Fennel Oil is the perfect essential oil to have diffusing in any study or workplace.

    Topical Use

    • For those wanting to use Fennel Essential Oil topically, simply dilute your essential oil in your preferred carrier oil at a 2-4% dilution and apply to the skin.

    • For facial application, we recommend a 1% dilution.

    • If you are using Fennel Essential Oil on cuts and wounds, we recommend diluting your oil in a carrier oil and applying to the effected area using a cotton ball.

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